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Why Implement GPS Tracking?

Is your company wasting time and money on the road?

Today’s economy requires management to maximize human resource and operational efficiency. The cost of fuel consumption is becoming a predominant item on the income statement for company vehicle fleets.
  • Is there excessive idling?
  • Is there unauthorized vehicle use?
  • Can we be notified for vehicle maintenance or tire rotation when due?
  • Are we optimizing vehicle scheduling and routing?
  • Are customers being attended to in a timely fashion?
  • Can we reduce fuel consumption?
  • Are our employees arriving and leaving jobs on time?
  • Can we reduce administration costs? Billing? Timesheets? Reduce Project Management costs? Increase safety and vehicle wear with our speed alerts?
GoFindMe GPS Systems provides management with cost saving tools to make positive changes in their way of conducting business. Simple advantages of viewing online where their vehicles are when an emergency customer call comes in. You can dispatch the closest service vehicle to attend to the emergency customer call. Most customers realize a fuel cost and overtime wage savings when the GoFindMe GPS tracking system is implemented. The bottom line is that GoFindMe can help your company save money and increase productivity/income.

What Do We Do Well?

GPS Tracking

GoFindMe GPS Systems provides real-time online status of all your vehicles in your fleet. You can access your vehicle status from any computer on the internet. We track your entire fleet, record your vehicle’s activity, and provide you report data to use as useful information management data.
  • You can achieve more billable service calls
  • Improve customer response times which improves customer satisfaction
  • Achieve higher employee productivity
  • Improve office to fleet communication
  • Eliminate off hours usage
geo fence


Our easy to create GeoFence allows you to create a virtual perimeter around your business, your job-sites, your city and much more. We provide easy to create GeoFence selections: circle, rectangle, and polygon shapes. You can be alerted when your vehicle enters and/or leaves your defined GeoFence. Alert can be sent to your project manager’s cell phone or Email. You can set days of the week and times to have the GeoFence active. This way you can be notified only when vehicles come and go when they should not be. geo fence

Speed Alerts

Having speed alerts will reduce the risk of accidents, excessive vehicle wear and excessive fuel consumption.

Destination Alerts

Our system allows you to set a specific destination alert. The destination may be a customer location or when entering a city. Management is notified when a delivery or service vehicle is reaching their destination. Moving companies may also allow their customers to view their moving van’s progress during the stressful times of the moving experience. This function is also great for parents traveling with the RV, their family and friends can be notified along their trip of their destination points for added safety.

Vehicle Disabling

With our MD-2000 and MD-3000 trackers, customers can disable the vehicle’s starter. This can be used if your fleet vehicle is stolen or used without authorization. This function can also be used for vehicle loan or rental companies where a vehicle can be disabled if a client fails to make their loan payments. Vehicles can also be located easily for reposses- sion.


GoFindMe GPS Systems provides management with a variety of reports collected from GPS data. We provide history, position, idling and operating time reports. We can also produce customer reports to suit a customer’s needs.